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The Santiago Bernabéu renovation

What do you think about the story bellow? Is that real or fake ?

One stadium, maybe the most important stadium in the whole fracking world is THE Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid. Do I need to say it is a home of Real Madrid. Estadio Alfredo Di Stéfano
And why is that so important? Because the last 6-7 years games from that stadium are almost unwatchable (see the 1st screenshot on the left). That how bad camera setup is there. And to make it even worse, during renovations period (God only knows until when) Real Madrid has been playing their games on B team backup stadium Estadio Alfredo Di Stéfano, which is also dreadful TV experience (see the 2st screenshot on the right).

I don’t have accurate time-frame when did Real decided to change to new low and current camera angle from high camera angle but I’ve found a game from SuperCopa de España from 2014 between Real and Atlético Santiago Bernabéu Stadium-2014 - high camera (see the screenshot on the left) where you can see magnificent atmosphere at the stadium and just fantastic camera angle very similar to Barca camera setup. I am guessing the season after that one (2015) they’ve used low camera and that is it, it was used since then.
I am not religious but I am praying there is somebody wise enough in Real organization to put it back as it was. As current renovation is up and running as you can see on following official link from Real web site, the work is in progress from July 2019. The new design looks fabulous and modern , roof , so many bells and whistles, all that is nice for those who will attend the game in person but for all of us in front of TV that is not worth a damn thing if they put again that horrendous low camera angle. Some people on various forum have been suggesting that on Santiago Bernabéu, Allianz Arena and some other stadiums have in fact installed in the same time two different main broadcasting cameras, one on each opposite site. Which are used for different market. I am not sure if that is the case, please comments if you have that accurate information about that.

I think I will make FICAZ Index for Estadio Alfredo Di Stéfano anyway just to show the world how bad it is to watch the game on TV that way. I am guessing the INDEX will be bellow 30. Will see.

I can’t wait to new stadium to open its doors and foremost to see where is the camera located.

One request, if anyone from Madrid or Spain or anywhere with more info about new camera setup or new information, (it might stays in the same place as it is now 🙁) please put a comment with the all the info.
Greatly appreciated.

The The Santiago Bernabéu renovation

Links and contacts for Real Madrid CF (complaining and asking for better camera angle):
For better TV experience you may contact the club directly :
– Real Madrid CF online contact: by email directly or by phone Tel. 913445445
– Santiago Bernabéu Stadium: can’t find specific contact other than for the club above but here is the list of all contact inside Real organization, even for the club members and other fans.