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Manchester United F.C. – Old Trafford

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Tensions will rise sky high when the final FICAZ INDEX value is released form Old Trafford. This is no ordinary stadium. What is a cathedral for Christians that is Old Trafford for Manchester United fans. Not an ordinary place. Some people will be mad at me becuase scoring is too low for such a place like Old Trafford. This is the largest club stadium in UK with 74k+ capacity and home of the Manchester United F.C. from 1910. Several upgrades were done, notable one during World War II and in ’80 and 2006 and future extensions and upgrades are planed to increase capacity up to 90.000.

Check out the grades and final FICAZ INDEX score bellow.

Camera Angle and Center Zoom

Manchester United F.C. - Main - Old Trafford

I’ve read numerous times fans opinions about Old Trafford camera angle and most of the people like it. I have also positive view on Old Trafford camera angle and experience and enjoyment in the games from there. In general I would agree except few things which will dissect in few phases.
So main broadcast camera height and with that regards general camera angle is top notch, in pair with Camp Nou, what means it earns fully 100% – 50 points for that criteria. With zooming part it is another story. Too much zooming in where our man “Mr. Nathan Young” is failing big. Old Trafford is one of the most relevant stadium on the planet Earth and “Nathan” is just ruining the whole TV football experience with those frantic zooming in and panning all over the pitch. Look at that photo bellow. Manchester United F.C. - Center - Zoom - Old TraffordWhat is goings on in his mind when he zoom in his camera in the center of the field, which is completely opposite of what every football fan needs,  what we NEED and WANT to see is overview of left side (attacking side) of pitch.  I am completely baffled every time I watch the game from Old Trafford, “Why is ‘Mr. Young” doing that”?. Does somebody direct him to do that? Is he a football fan or just a cameraman by vocation, waiting to get home for a cup of tea (it is too late mostly for tea anyway)? Are people deciding those things open to a suggestion or idea from us, fans? No idea. Terrible. 2 points only.


Camera angle score for Manchester United F.C. – Old Trafford =  50 points

Center Zoom score for Manchester United F.C. – Old Trafford =  2 points

Zoom top (far side)

Manchester United F.C. - Top - Old TraffordHere is the perfect example bad in delivering us perfect product for us football fans “Nathan” is: he has perfect location at Old Trafford  (maybe some of you don’t know but at Old Trafford there is special gantry built just for broadcasters, and main broadcast TV camera. check the picture bellow.) and still zoom in too much.Old Trafford-broadcast TV Gantry1 Here is what Manchester United commentator Stewart Gardner said about watching a football game form the gantry inside Old Trafford: “You get an amazing view, it’s a completely unobstructed view of the action and you get a brilliant tactical overview of what’s going on in the match. It’s totally different if, at other matches, you’re commentating from the press seats, where you’re much lower down. It’s totally different up there in the TV gantry and you see so much more of what’s going on. That’s why Paddy reckons he is the best player every game. You can see everything that’s happening, you see the perfect pass and you never make a mistake. It’s a great place to watch the game.” (full credit to Will Power blog: http://wilson1980.blogspot.com/)

Do I need to say anything more here. No.


Camera Zoom FAR side for Manchester United F.C. – Old Trafford =  2 points

Zoom bottom (near side)

Manchester United F.C. - Bottom Old Trafford Here is it not much “Nathan” fault, I would say, even so I have no direct knowledge about his handling of the camera, as it is location of the gantry which protrudes too close to the near side line, and I think “Nathan” has nothing to do with close up view here.  It might be he can zoom out a little more, but if the camera location is more distanced from the pitch, like at Camp Nou, it would looks better at the near side line, for sure.


Camera Zoom NEAR side for Manchester United F.C. – Old Trafford = 2 points

Zoom Corners

Manchester United F.C. - Corner - Far - Old Trafford Manchester United F.C. - Corner - Near - Old Trafford
Here are the screenshots of the both corners set pieces. Not a bad job by “Mr. Young”. Great camera angle gives him opportunity to have great overview of the game. He took it half way.


Camera Zoom CORNER for Manchester United F.C. – Old Trafford = 4 points

Extra points

There is lots of good things about Old Trafford TV coverage. Mainly camera angle which is perfect. Also I’ve noticed SkyCam in use during replays only (which is shame that they don’t use it more often) but that is an extra 0.5 points. For HREN Bonus I am giving Old Trafford extra 2 points. If zooming can improve, no way I’ll give anything but full 4 points. Will see, maybe “Nathan” is our reader and he might took our suggestions to his heart and improve his game. 🤞Manchester United F.C. - Main-sky - Old Trafford
It is a shame that during the making this FICAZ INDEX scoring for Old Trafford the stadium was completely empty because of Corona pandemic. Once fans are allowed to the games, I will update those photos with crowd attendance. Old Trafford deserves nothing less than that.


Extra points (max. 16 points) = 2.5 points

Points summary

Camera Angle5050
Zoom Center210
Zoom Far – Top28
Zoom Near – Bottom28
FICAZ Index 62.5100

Manchester United F.C.
Old Trafford

Tell us in the comments what you think. Thanks for taking the time to contribute. Let’s enjoy in every fracking football game around the planet like it is Barca game, every game.

Mario Hren

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