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FC Bayern Munich – Allianz Arena

FC Bayern Munich

Allianz Arena is home of FC Bayern Munich from 2005. If you are old enough you might remember VHS video rental stores. Those was days. I would watch bunch of movies over the weekend, sometimes one movie each day even over the weekdays. There was no football on TV, at least not so often like nowadays. But there is a catch 🤓, of course. Most of the VHS tapes in my country were copies of copies of copies of … you get it 😜. So when you put a tape inside the video player, first step is hope and prayer that player would even accept the tape and not eject it right way. Then comes play button on the remote. Now you praying even more that picture and sound quality would be barely watchable. For watchable I mean, it would be completely acceptable if the whole screen is shaking, or part of the screen have horizontal lines or snow like effect. Faces would be something like painted with watercolors in between pink and yellow shade. Sound would be like a mix of non-lubricated ajar baseman doors squeaking during the strong storm and broken violin in hands of a toddler . And we are not done. Sometimes the tape would not end before the actual movie end. 🥺. Yeah, it is a truth.
That is how I feel watching a game from Allianz Arena. It is like dream from ‘90. Waiting for somebody to wake me up from bad VHS tape dream and tell me we are living in HD OLED world.

Check out the grades and final FICAZ INDEX score bellow.

Camera Angle and Center Zoom

FC Bayern Munich - Main

I am watching the game and waiting  and waiting for Bayern cameraman Mr.”Walter Schweppenstette” to finally allow us to enjoy the football game as we should from a stadium so majestic as this one.  But, no, “Walter” is feeding us from 2005 with this nonsense of 🐸 frog view main camera angle is so low that most Bayern games are almost unwatchable . Look at that screenshot above! Do you have better view in high school football game in your local village. I bet you have.  Why are they doing this? I mean, they are German. They can move the main camera in proper position before the launch, yesterday. Do they think that is really good time for all of us in front of TVs? Do they think that they did is really good job placing camera on 3rd row of the huge, the most beautiful stadium in Europe for one of the most successful football franchise on the planet Earth and beyond? When top guys from Bayern organization for example President Herbert Hainer or Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge  have a sick day and they are forced to watch the game from their home on their TV. What is in their head? I guess they did watch some Barca games from Camp Nou. Do they see the difference? Do they think; “Oh it is all the same, we just watch the ball rolling. Look at the ball. I am hypnotized. How cool”. At this point at time and space I’m not ever sure those guys even own a TV. They are not stupid. Obviously super smart and successful. What is wrong with them? I don’t know but I know what i am seeing and thinking. I see “Walter” zoom-in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, pan left, pan right, pan 100 km/h, then zoom again . My head is spinning. Where is that pass going? I don’t know because that player is out of frame.

Here is 1st video example bellow:

Bayern Munich organization: You failed miserably to deliver us the best possible football TV experience from your football team from your stadium.


Camera angle score for FC Bayern Munich – Allianz Arena =  5 points

Center Zoom score for FC Bayern Munich – Allianz Arena =  0 point

Zoom top (far side)

FC Bayern Munich - TopI am sure Bayern aspire to have superior product any aspect of the game. The team is fantastic, the stadium is from out of space, leaders are smart and good looking. So why is TV broadcast from the Allianz Arena complete garbage. Zero points again here.


Camera Zoom FAR side for FC Bayern Munich – Allianz Arena =  0 point

Zoom bottom (near side)

FC Bayern Munich - BottomFinally one part of the pitch where Mr. “Schweppenstette“ used common sense and zoom out a little better. Can you imagine how good it would be if camera is high. You could actually see the whole game, not just few guys in screen playing their micro game in micro little place on the pitch.

Here is 2rd video example bellow for how BAD bottom ZOOM is:


Camera Zoom NEAR side for FC Bayern Munich – Allianz Arena = 4 point

Zoom Corners

FC Bayern Munich - Corner - FarJust about average corner zoom coverage. At least we can see full penalty box. No depth or perspective of course in the box. You can’t see or have a feel if those players are standing 10 centimeters from one to another or there is a bigger space between them, because the MAIN FRACKING CAMERA IS TOO LOW, BAYERN!!! 

Here is 3rd video example bellow, and i gotta tell you this one is laughably bad. Believe it or not in this video you’ll actually see how Lewandowski shot on goal from about 20 meters, trying to score, and in the actual REAL video, (not EDITED in misleading way) you can see that the GOAL, yes the GOAL is not even in the video frame during the shot on  goal.
It is unbelievable that organization like Bayern have TV broadcast like this and they think that that is a product even worth showing to the world 😞.



Camera Zoom CORNER for FC Bayern Munich – Allianz Arena = 4 points

Extra points

I’ve noticed they use floating camera for the replays, but not during LIVE action. That is half the point. No drones. Where are the drones for cool live footage? Nothing. HREN BONUS is minimum of maximum -4.  Overall conclusion: the biggest disappointment of all. So far FICAZ index is lower than Fulham. Unbelievable. 😩🥺😟


Extra points (max. 16 points) = -3.5 points

Points summary

Camera Angle550
Zoom Center010
Zoom Far – Top08
Zoom Near – Bottom48
FICAZ Index 9.5100

FC Bayern Munich – Allianz Arena – FICAZ INDEX = 9.5

Tell us in the comments what you think. Thanks for taking the time to contribute. Let’s enjoy in every fracking football game around the planet like it is Barca game, every game.

Mario Hren

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