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FC Barcelona – Camp Nou

First ever stadium for which we will calculate and then grade it with “FIZAC Index” is of course Camp Nou, the home for F.C. Barcelona from 1957, because all other indexes calculation will be based on this TV camera angle and overall quality of TV broadcasts on this stadium. For me TV broadcast from this stadium is just perfect TV experience. Very natural, very wide, and most foremost NOT zoomed a lot. So you can experience the game a close as you can have experience to been on the game but not been actually physically at the stadium. There are several factors-criteria, which are used to calculate FICAZ index and one of the most important is camera angle.

Camera Angle and Zoom

FC Barcelona - main camera angle

MAIN camera angle is most important factor and here is just perfect. As you can see here we have full wide view almost from penalty to penalty box but not just wide but high enough so you can see almost all 20 players, not just a guy who is is possession of the ball, as you will see on future posts (Chelsea 🙁 , I mean you Stamford Bridge, Allianz Arena and others) but the full picture, open players, empty space etc. If you are on the stadium you wouldn’t  no see just few players zoomed in, you would see the whole game and tactics and open players on another side. And here on Camp Nou that is perfect, high camera. Except if you looking at a game on a smart phone from 2 meters, well, then you might get frustrated, but on Big large TV Barca home game is a pure pleasure.


Camera angle score for FC Barcelona – Camp Nou = maximum – 50 points

Zoom score for FC Barcelona – Camp Nou = maximum – 10 points

Zoom top (far side)

FC Barcelona - top far sideAnother master stroke by Camp Nou cameraman “Luke Skywalker”. It is just a perfect setup, all 20 players still visible. He did zoom it a little and tilt a little the camera up, but not too much high, just a fantastic job. this should be standard for all cameramen on every stadium around the world. You’ll see later how terrible job they have been are doing on many stadiums.


Camera Zoom FAR side for  FC Barcelona – Camp Nou = maximum – 10 points

Zoom bottom (near side)

FC Barcelona-bottomI can’t emphasize enough how good “Luke” is in steering the Camp Nou main camera. I am not sure if the director of TV broadcast is doing all the bossing thing and tell him how to do or he is just so talented with incredible feeling for the game but the end result is just perfect, high angle almost no zoom, tilt a little down and result is as you see almost whole field from penalty box to penalty box, all visible. Everybody in front of the TV has full vision of the whole game in that moment. I know what are you thinking right now, :”come on man he is not that good” . Oh yeah , wait until you see FC Bayern Munich FICAZ index and angles and zoom, you’ll see what I am talking about. until then, here is is:


Camera Zoom NEAR side for  FC Barcelona – Camp Nou = maximum – 8 points

Zoom Corners

FC Barcelona-cornerOne particular part of the game where cameraman can do terrible job is when is corner and since are many players in small area if camera is low and zoomed in, you can’t see which player is which and in case of ball bouncing outside the box usually you can;t see where is ball going, is there a open player who will shot directly or defender is there first on the ball. But you can’t see because you cameraman pushed the zoom bottom, pedal to the metal. But here of course Mr. Skywalker is again perfect. You can see all 21 players except opposite goalkeeper in the frame. Fantastic job “Luke”.


Camera Zoom CORNERS for FC Barcelona – Camp Nou = maximum – 8 points

Extra points

I did see floating sky camera above the ground but never in LIVE game, just  as replay or before the kick off above the canter of the pitch. So that is 0.5 extra points for floating camera. FC Barcelona floating cameraAlso no floating camera behind a player during free kick (1 point) or during penalty kick (1 point) so that it zero points for both criteria. There is still no stadium in the world with option to choose camera angle choice during a broadcast, similar like you choose audio language,  so that would be an huge extra 8 points. There is last criteria and that is call HREN bonus, which is just my overall fell and satisfaction watching the game from particular stadium and it can varies from -4 to 4 points, so 8 points swing. it this case for Camp Nou and F.C. Barcelona I am giving it maximum 4 points because it deserves it.


Extra points (max. 16 points) = 4.5 points

Points summary

Camera Angle5050
Zoom Center1010
Zoom Far – Top88
Zoom Near – Bottom88
FICAZ Index 88.5100

FC Barcelona – Camp Nou – FICAZ INDEX = 88.5


Tell us in the comments what you think. Thanks for taking the time to contribute. Let’s enjoy in every fracking football game around the planet like it is Barca game, every game.

Mario Hren