Dinamo Zagreb GNK - Stadion Maksimir
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Dinamo Zagreb GNK – Stadion Maksimir

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Well, this stadium is so close to me, I can almost see it from my balcony on the first floor. And by close to me I mean not only physically but emotionally too. Lots of my childhoods happiest memories are linked to the club Dinamo Zagreb and this stadium, “Dinamov stadion u Maksimiru”. But lets start first from bad stuff and we will finish on the positive note in the end. There is lots of bad stuff but don’t be discouraged to see full and final FICAZ INDEX calculation bellow. The stadium was opened in 1912 but the final look which have now is from 1947 to 1961 in several upgrades through that period. Another upgrade was done in 1998 with the northern stand. But the stadium as you see on the photo above is so old, so outmoded, passe, that is really for 💯% demolition and ready for brand new stadium in its place. In the meantime after (22. March 2020) earthquake in Zagreb, it is now even worse, what means that it is now even structurally unstable. The east stand is completely unusable. And to be honest long time ago many people including me did not even think to go there, not just because of that fact but because of lack of proper hygienic facilities among other stuffs and other basic amenities a venue like this needs. After the earthquake, I mean what more you need to decide it is a time to build a new thing, already. And it is not easy to say that especially to me, because, my childhood was oriented and focused in many ways to that club and that stadium. I remember vividly as 5 year old, my parents would proudly presented my knowledge for Dinamo and let me dictate all 11 members of Dinamo’s first squad from season to season until I was old enough when that was not impressive anymore. And as 5 year old, I would (also proudly) said it without a delay: Stinčić, Bedi, Bogdan, Devčić, Zajec (always my favorite player) Bručić, Janjanin, Mustedanagić, Kranjčar, Senzer, and to impress everyone even more, I would add few more rotating players in the mix, Vlak, Vabec, Bonić, Jovičević, Kuže. But that was in the past, let get to the present again.

Check out the grades and final FICAZ INDEX score bellow.

Camera Angle and Center Zoom

  Dinamo Zagreb GNK - Main center

Our man Mr. “Pero Vragec” have perfect spot for main broadcast camera, the best seat in the house for sure, and most of the coverage is great and wide and with nice perspective,  and I love it, except when it comes to center zoom. He is zooming in too much. There is a reason why criteria for center zoom has 10 points in contrary to zoom bottom and zoom far with 8 points, because when the ball is in center of the filed we need wide angle to look for any development it might come from the both wings. I was pretty sure I saw some games from Maksimir where cameraman, not sure if that was “Pero” or somebody else, use more fan friendlier approach and zoomed it less. And I’ve found one game on YouTube, here it is:

And because of that,  the experience watching TV football match on TV is thought the roof. Not sure what is the reason for that. Different TV channel (Nova TV) or different cameraman, but it is much better end result. With this kind of coverage from 2013, I am sure final score will be much closer to Camp Nou FICAZ INDEX. For now 4 points.


Camera angle score for Dinamo Zagreb GNK – Stadion Maksimir =  50 points

Center Zoom score for Dinamo Zagreb GNK – Stadion Maksimir =  4 points

Zoom top (far side)

Dinamo Zagreb GNK - zoom TopIn this this criteria Mr “Vragec” is worst performer. Extreme zoom, no wide view, micro-pitch game as similar to other stadiums we indexes so far. You can’t see half the players in the game, which are outside the frame. What it makes this zoom in o bad is the fact that usually the game develop so quickly from this area of the pitch, that “Vragec” can’t keep up with the ball and starts panning and zooming out in the same time 🙄. Head spinner. Headache. Disappointing.


Camera Zoom FAR side for Dinamo Zagreb GNK – Stadion Maksimir =  2 points

Zoom bottom (near side)

Dinamo Zagreb GNK - Bottom zoomHere on the bottom of the pitch, near side, a little better situation, but far from Camp Nou. Still much wider view, above average score.


Camera Zoom NEAR side for Dinamo Zagreb GNK – Stadion Maksimir = 6 points

Zoom Corners

Dinamo Zagreb GNK - Corner - Far - zoomAs seen on the screenshot, decent job by “Pero”. Nice perspective to inside and outside of the box.


Camera Zoom CORNER for Dinamo Zagreb GNK – Stadion Maksimir = 5 points

Extra points

I’ve watched here on this stadium many games in my childhood and as adolescent. Only Dinamo. Many league, cup and European games, including one which was especially significant for me, and that one was European cup  match from 26 October 1988 between Dinamo and Stuttgart. And in that game among others I had unique opportunity to watch two special footballers, one from each side, Zvonimir Boban for Dinamo and Jürgen Klinsmann for Stuttgart. It was late afternoon, early evening game. And evening games are always spectacular to watch, either at the stadium or on TV at home. I think that was last time I’ve even been to Maksimir Stadium, even so I have been living in the same neighborhood for almost 13 years.
On TV screens, another story. Most of the time at the stand I was seated on the upper west stand. Especially, when my adult friend and neighbor Ivo would take me with him to Dinamo’s match. He would always choose upper deck of the west stand. And Ivo would know why is that good position. Because if you are high enough you have perfect overview and perspective at the game. If been physically on that stand and choose the best possible position to watch the game, regardless of the fact that a human eye have vision of 120 degree angle (without moving a head), why wouldn’t the same standard or rule be applied to the broadcasting TV camera, why wouldn’t position it perfectly too, as we would say, it must have “the best seat in the house”. Unfortunately many stadiums and clubs are still playing us for fools (Bayern, Chelsea, Fulham… etc) and they completely disregard fact that we need to see the game as much as possible similarly to experience as been at the stadium physically, and that means in the perfect position. That is why HREN bonus is maximum 4 points for this stadium regardless of sometime unsatisfactory camera handling by Mr “Pero Vragec”.

As for gizmos, gadgets, drones, special cameras, SkyCams 😂 = absolute zero. There is one feature which is not apprecited much but I like it a lot. Dinamo’s stadium has saggy (loose) nets and that is one small treat which I enjoy every time goal is scored and ball playfully rolls along deepest part of the net  👍🏻 (please never change that!)


Extra points (max. 16 points) = 4 points

Points summary

Camera Angle5050
Zoom Center410
Zoom Far – Top28
Zoom Near – Bottom68
FICAZ Index 71100

Dinamo Zagreb GNK
Stadion Maksimir

Tell us in the comments what you think. Thanks for taking the time to contribute. Let’s enjoy in every fracking football game around the planet like it is Barca game, every game.

Mario Hren

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