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Dinamo vs Lokomotiva 0-3

Stadium: Stadion Maksimir
Competition: HNL, #DZGLOK
Season: 2023/24, 23 January 2024, Weekday 4

Key Notes:
– Postponed match of the 4th round of the HNL
– AFC Asian Cup 2023 underway & African Cup of Nations 2024 underway
– By agreement between Lokomotive and Dinamo, due to weather conditions, the match was played at the Maksimir stadium instead of Kranjčevićeva and Dinamo as the host.
– Lokomotiva is one of the four HNL teams that managed to beat Dinamo more than twice since the start of league 10
– In the last 10 years, Dinamo has only been defeated 6 times at Maksimir with a 3+ goal difference
0:1, 0:2, 0:3

DZG: (Sergej Jakirović)
Zagorac, Živković (46, Brodić), Theophile, Ristovski, Perković, Mišić, Baturina (63. Bulat), Ademi, Hoxha (63. Špikić), Kaneko, Petković

LOK: (Silvio Čabraja)
Čavlina – Vranjković (46. Bartolec), Mersinaj, Kalaica, Leovac (80. Huskić) – Bubanja, Marić, Šotiček, Krivak, Goričan – Čop


The continuation of the Croatian football season opened with a significant surprise. In a postponed match from the 4th round of the SuperSport HNL, Lokomotiva emerged victorious over Dinamo with a 3-0 score at the Maksimir Stadium, jeopardizing the ambitions of the Plavih in the race for the title. The hero of the match was Duje Čop, who secured a “hat-trick” by scoring goals in the 5th, 7th, and 87th minutes. Sergej Jakirović’s team has now set out to pursue Hajduk, trailing by seven points, with a postponed match against Lokomotiva.

Dinamo started the match energetically and playfully. The Blues had two promising opportunities in the first three minutes, both times with Arijan Ademi taking the shots. The first attempt went wide of the goal, while in the second try, the ball ended up in the hands of Nikola Čavlina. However, in the fifth minute, Lokomotiva took the lead. Silvio Goričan delivered a free-kick, and Duje Čop headed the ball past Danijel Zagorec, who could have reacted better.

Dinamo practically hadn’t even kicked off from the center when Čop scored again. Josip Mišić made a mistake in the midfield, Goričan provided another assist, and Čop skillfully defeated Zagorec for a 2-0 lead after just seven minutes of play.

In the 87th minute, Špikić had the opportunity to revive Dinamo’s chances. He was one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but instead of taking a shot, he passed the ball into the center – to no one and he did it clearly too late when all Lokomotiva defenders already back on their positions . In the counter-attack that ensued, Čop sealed the deal with his third goal of the match.

0:1 Čop (5′)

0:2 Čop (7′)

0:3 Čop (87′)

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Mario Hren