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Chelsea F.C. – Stamford Bridge

One of my favorite club to cheer for but one of the biggest disappointed in terms of watching LIVE TV game in front of my big OLED (😉) screen. Stamford Bridge is the home of The Blues in South West London from 1877. Let me be frank, camera handling is just awful. Not only camera angle is awfully low but “Mr. John Simcoe” is zooming the camera so much I hope he might get blisters and give up, bit no But no, “Mr Simcoe” is one tough guy. Check out bellow how we did grade this stadium’s TV experience.

Camera Angle and Zoom

Chelsea F.C. - Main

Well,  if you’ve just watched Barcelona at Camp Nou and then you switch to Stamford Bridge, as you might sometimes if you are following Champions League, you might need a drink or two because this TV coverage is terrible. “John” as you see on the picture above has an opportunity to make it a little better, because camera is pretty far away from the pitch but he is zooming to extreme like his finger is stuck to ZOOM IN button. Just a terrible job “John”


Camera angle score for Chelsea F.C. – Stamford Bridge =  20 points

Zoom score for Chelsea F.C. – Stamford Bridge =  2 points

Zoom top (far side)

Chelsea F.C. - TopTop center zoom is as you see on the screenshot just too much zoomed in. I need to give a littel credit to “Mr. Simcoe”, maybe he is zooming to much because camera angle is low and players will be behind one another , invisible on low zoom. I am not sure, still looks very bad. You don’t see pitch left and right, other player, opportunity for pass. We are just looking at small part of the pitch. That is not proper football coverage. The calculation is for this 1 point score, so that means there are stadium that are even worse than this 🤐


Camera Zoom FAR side for Chelsea F.C. – Stamford Bridge =  1 point

Zoom bottom (near side)

Chelsea F.C. - BottomOnly comfort (if you are looking at that screenshot on the right) is that grade is 1 point here, so it means there are still worse than this, and this is horrible job “John”. Please zoom out a little, check how “Luke” have been doing it in sunny Catalonia. How many player do you see here?! I am seeing 11 and 1/2 players. But most importantly, what we don’t see: WE DON’T SEE OTHER  8.5 PLAYERS (excluding goalkeepers) and WE DON’T SEE LOTS OF GREENS.


Camera Zoom NEAR side for Chelsea F.C. – Stamford Bridge = 1 point

Zoom Corners

Chelsea F.C. - Corner - FarCorner views at Stamford Bridge is laughable to be honest. “John” has lost it here competently, you can barely see the goal in fully,  part of the penalty area only and only 1 player outside the box. Everything left from the referee is just magic. If you wanna enjoy in this game you need to imagine how many players are left from the corner kicker how many players are behind the referring, is there any player right of the right goalpost. No idea. Stamford Bridge TV coverage might be good to sharpen you imagination skills.


Camera Zoom CORNERS for Chelsea F.C. – Stamford Bridge = 1 point

Extra points

Absolutely nothing here what would consider as HREN bonus positive points for Chelsea. no floating cameras, no exiting floating angles, nothing. Unfortunately FIFA has banned deep goals and loose, sagged nets, goals all over the world (according to this article “Goal nets, posts, and stanchions of the 1980s” which is btw fascinating read (the article) and did enjoying it reading very much. I feel very nostalgic for those old goals. Why wouldn’t FIFA want football been more interesting and fun. (I thought FIFA love diversity but not when in case of goal design and style) No idea but I want saggy nets BACK ) so Stamford Bridge can’t get something interesting there even if they wanted to do it with fun goals. I won’t grade HREN bonus it as lowest -4, but -3 will suffice. Other criteria 0 points.

Update: 03/18/2021 – I’ve noticed today during Champions League game between Chelsea and Atlético Madrid, they started to use SkyCam during live action. Well done.


Extra points (max. 16 points) = -2 points

Points summary

Camera Angle2050
Zoom Center210
Zoom Far – Top18
Zoom Near – Bottom18
FICAZ Index 23100

Chelsea F.C. – Stamford Bridge – FICAZ INDEX = 23

Tell us in the comments what you think. Thanks for taking the time to contribute. Let’s enjoy in every fracking football game around the planet like it is Barca game, every game.

Mario Hren

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