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Boca Juniors – La Bombonera

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Club Atlético Boca Juniors is the full name for club every serious football fan around the world knows: Boca Juniors. And if you know for Boca you know about La Bombonera too. Look at that photo above filled tith 50k+ of excited fans! Steep stands in one huge long round segment in 270 degree surrounding the pitch. Never seen anywhere like this. La Bombonera was build 1940 and refurbished several times including notables as of 1996 and 2012. Maradona played for Boca from 1981 to 1982 and from 1995 to 1997. Most notable players playing today is Carlos Tevez who is also the current team captain.

Check out the grades and final FICAZ INDEX score bellow.

Camera Angle and Center Zoom

Boca Juniors - Main

Incredible pictures from la Bombonera 😲. You can’t be a football fan and just look at that and not be in awe how cool it looks.  Even with empty stadium. With full of people is unforgettable experience even in front of our TVs especially watching games like Superclásico between Boca and River Plate. Fantastic handling of camera by our “Mr. Gil Grissom” in forensic  precision to delivers us immensely accurate and enjoyable play game across the whole (almost) field. A little, too much zooming in the middle, it could be better, almost perfect zooming but for camera angle we can say it is not almost but really perfect camera angle and maximum 50 points awarded. 👌🏻


Camera angle score for Boca Juniors – La Bombonera =  50 points

Center Zoom score for Boca Juniors – La Bombonera =  8 points

Zoom top (far side)

Boca Juniors - TopEven the scientific mind filled with reason and evidence like “Grissom“ could not resist pushing the zoom in triggers too much and the end result is 3 points only. Shame, it could have been almost perfect here too 😟


Camera Zoom FAR side for Boca Juniors – La Bombonera =  3 points

Zoom bottom (near side)

Boca Juniors - BottomAs would “Grissom” say: ‘Sooner or later, everybody gets replaced’ so having that in mind “Gil” is more careful here, on the near sideline which is immediately noticeable on the screenshot on the right and of course in scoring column with 3/4 of maximum score which means well deserved 6 points.


Camera Zoom NEAR side for Boca Juniors – La Bombonera = 6 points

Zoom Corners

Boca Juniors - Corner - NearCorners camera handling  is again almost perfect, with mostly visible large portion of green grass outside the box which gives us good perspective of the that part of the game. Nicely done “Gil”.


Camera Zoom CORNER for Boca Juniors – La Bombonera = 5 points

Extra points

Absolutely nothing I could see here what would give an extra bonus points boost for La Bombonera except mine 4 HREN Bonus points which I’m giving here in a heartbeat because after all it is a pleasure watching football game on television from this stadium on any TV, small big, LCD, LED, OLED, CRT, tablet, smartphone, microLED or MiniLED. Whatever works for you.


Extra points (max. 16 points) = 4 points

Points summary

Camera Angle5050
Zoom Center810
Zoom Far – Top38
Zoom Near – Bottom68
FICAZ Index 76100

Boca Juniors
La Bombonera

Tell us in the comments what you think. Thanks for taking the time to contribute. Let’s enjoy in every fracking football game around the planet like it is Barca game, every game.

Mario Hren

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