Atlético Madrid – Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
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Atlético Madrid – Metropolitano Stadium

Atletico Madrid Logo

Wanda Metropolitano or Estadio Metropolitano has been home field for Atlético Madrid from 16.09.2017. The stadium was completely renovated (built in 1990) and with renovations it has increased capacity from 20.000 to +68k. to be fair Atlético is my favorite team from Spain, so I am a little bias here (but not in FICAZ scoring calculation) toward the team and their stadium and atmosphere and especially toward their home kit.

Atlético Madrid Home kit

When I play FIFA on PlayStation I have been always playing in Atlético Madrid home uniform, they are simple unbelievable cool, especially these Nike style home t-shirts.

There are several variations throughout years, with collar without collar, with blue on the shirt, or red, but all those similar designed kit are great to me. It is important to see those glorious red and white stripes with blue shorts 😎

Check out the grades and final FICAZ INDEX score bellow.

Camera Angle and Zoom

Atlético Madrid - Main

I remember 1st game, premiere night, opening night at Wanda Metropolitano. I was anxious as always to see  what would be camera angle be here. That is the first thing, always, what I am looking for: main TV camera angle. Zoom is secondary thing for me, always camera angle first, especially after so many years of perfect camera angle from Vicente Calderón Stadium which had been decommissioned. And it was great, the first sights on my TV from Metropolitano were fantastic. High and far. Perfect. Zooming is not perfect but still above the average what you can see in scoring values. Our man “Mr. Glenn Rhee” could do a better job to zoom out a little especially far side, top of the screen criteria which is the lowest score of all scores here on otherwise high scoring FICAZ index score which means fantastic TV expedience on this stadium.


FICAZ Football Score for Atlético Madrid – Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
Camera angle =  50 points
Center Zoom =  7 points
Camera Zoom FAR side =  4 points
Camera Zoom NEAR side =  6 points
Camera Zoom CORNERS =  7 points

Extra points

A lot of reasons to give HREN Bonus for Atlético Madrid – Wanda Metropolitano Stadium maximum 4 points. It is enjoyment every time you see Atlético footballers on the field here. And of course La Liga is the most advanced football league on the planet in terms of using technology in the 

Atlético Madrid-tactical-ARAtlético Madrid-SkyCam

games. You can see here augmented reality for tactical formation. Imagine having tactical AR at Allianz Arena – Bayern Munich stadium 😂🤣😂🤣. We mention before (Valencia CF – Mestalla Stadium) squad lineup and other cool AR stuffs.  Additionally here is cool screenshot from floating SkyCam used in replays and in live action too (+1 point).


Extra points (max. 16 points) = 5 points

Points summary

Camera Angle5050
Zoom Center710
Zoom Far – Top48
Zoom Near – Bottom68
FICAZ Index 79100

Atlético Madrid
Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

Tell us in the comments what you think. Thanks for taking the time to contribute. Let’s enjoy in every fracking football game around the planet like it is Barca game, every game.

Mario Hren

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Please don’t complain for Atlético Madrid camera angle 😀.

One note: Interacting with people on twitter I noticed that many people thing that TV broadcasters are responsible for camera angle each stadium, but not actually team, club and stadium. That is not the case, if that was the case, then we would have different camera angle from different TV channels. But is always the same. The conclusion is that main broadcast TV camera is fixed, set, and it is up to stadium and club to move it permanently to another fixed position,